Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sir Charles in His Jumper

Pattern from Posh Pooches

Barefoot Knits Items

Pattern: Barefoot Knits

Mods: Tank Dress: Put a contrasting color of seedstitch between the top and bottom, and put a seed stitch border at the bottom of skirt to keep it from rolling. Top and Skirt: None.

Yarn: Cotton Fleece

Recipient: My nieces

Trashed Knit

Pattern: Something from the Yarn Girls Guide for Kids

Yarn: Encore worsted -- a good yarn for kids since it's washable, and a perfect pink girlie color, but the yarn had knots and weak spots, soI had to keep cutting it. Urgh. I persevered, and finished the sweater for my niece. . . but then I decided the sleeves were too short, and I tried to snip a yarn to undo the seaming. . . and CUT the knit fabric of the body! Aarrggghh! So there you go. A lovely trashed knit. It was just too frustrating.

Maddy's Scarf

My daughter's friend wanted a chunky, off-white scarf. So here it is!
Pattern: One big cable down the middle, seed stitch border, garter edgestitches, nothing very original. . .
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease chunky

Friday, April 27, 2007

Das Sweater

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten Jacket

Yarn: Encore worsted

Recipient: a colleague's son

Sound of Music Sweater

Pattern: Poinsettia Jacket, courtesy of Designs for America from Solutia

Yarn: Encore Worsted

Size: 2

Beanie Hat Christmas Tree

Various yarn, variations on a basic beanie pattern, various sizes. . .