Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here a hat, there a hat, everywhere a hat hat!

It's been a while. . . I know all my faithful blog viewers can hardly wait to see what Ms. Blondie has been up to! Oh yeah, that's right, mmhmm.

So, today let's deal with HATS-SOMBREROS-CHAPEAUX !

First up, for the young nieceroo, is a Lace Beanie, pattern by Lion Brand yarns. The yarn is Red Heart Eco-Cotton in a pinky multi color.

Next we have Wooly Wormhead's Gyroscope Hat (from the Going Straight hat book.) I used Lion Cashmere Blend yarn (1 skein each of blue and gray). The sideways construction was fun and interesting to do. The hat is for Dane -- I put the ribbing around the edge (not in the pattern) to keep it on his head while he's riding his bike. The lovely Gloria is my most cooperative hat model.

Mary Jane's Pithy Hat is next. The pattern was written by Theresa Belville, and I used one skein of Berroco Comfort Worsted. This hat is actually FOR Gloria (not just modeled by her), and everytime she wears it, I think what a cute hat it is and how cute it looks on her!

The Starfish hat is a Classic Elite pattern by Cecily Glowik. I used the yarn suggested, Duchess.
Although the hat is a Christmas present for Katy, Gloria models it, first in a summer pose, and a then winter one.

In a couple of weeks, my friend Vic is expecting the delivery of his 6th child (the 5th boy of the lot). Henry VIII would surely be jealous. The hat below is named Retro Flying Helmet, a pattern by Sublime, and knit with Sublime Cashmere-Merino-Silk DK yarn.

Finally, the effervescent Chiwi models Louisa Harding's Cecily Beanie, made for Terra.

Soon to follow, feet and neck coverings!


véronique said...

What a lot of beautiful hats, bravo Ms Blondie

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