Friday, May 23, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Miss Brewer, my first grade teacher at Cedar Brook Elementary School in Seattle, would have us stand and sing the "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" song, you know the one where you point to your body parts, and each additional time you sing it, you replace a body part word with "Hmmmm"?

Miss Brewer was tall, thin, young, and wore her blond hair in a French twist. I thought she was so elegant. And she got married, and invited the whole class to her wedding. That was probably the first wedding I ever went to!

In honor of Miss Brewer, one of my all time favorite teachers, here are pictures of accessories that cover or adorn various body parts. . .

For the Head:

Pattern: Basketweave Headband by Carissa Browning (Carissa Knits)
Yarn: Linen/Cotton mix?

Pattern: Lace Headband by Minty Fresh (
Yarn: Panda Cotton Sock Yarn

Pattern: Crepe Paper Crown by Leigh Radford (Alterknits)

The first version below was done in stockinette, as per the instructions, substituting ribbon for the crepe paper.

Happy Birthday, Gloria!

This next one is a smaller version, done all in garter stitch, which made it a little more sturdy. Sent to Addy for her 4th birthday.

For the Shoulders:

Pattern: Two Tone Shrug by Stephanie Japel (Fitted Knits)
Yarn: Berrocco Love It!
Recipient: Mercedes
This shrug is identical to the one I made and posted last year, but in a larger size.

For the (Knees and) Toes, (Knees and) Toes

Pattern: Knit Boots by Mary Ann Hammes

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky

Pattern: Arizona Flip Flop Socks by Catherine Hall (L G Stitched)

Yarn: Cascade Fixation

Whew, covered from head to foot!

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