Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too many WIPs

I just realized I haven't blogged since May. The summer flew by, and many projects were begun, but only a few have been completed.

By documenting my Works in Progress, I hope to embarrass myself into finishing these projects!

The picture quality isn't very good here, but I'll take better pictures when they are Finished Objects!!

1) "Mother's Day Slippers": need to finish the edging on one slipper and decorate them.

2) Rowan's "Foxtail" cardigan Tapestry collection, made with a Colinette cotton.

3) Knit One Crochet Too "Ying Yang Bolero" made with TyDy cotton.

4) The "Shapely Tank" made with Provence cotton.

5) "Blanket Buddy": needs to be finished by October!

6)Made-up pattern of a cardigan for a girl.

7) "Vertical Focus "(Tricoter) made with SWTC Oasis soy silk.

8)Louisa Harding "Tide" made with Reynolds Saucy cotton.

9)Louisa Harding "Minnie" made with Berroco Ultra Silk. The lace border is why this is on hold . . . it takes foooorrrreeevvvveerrr.

10)"Soleil" made with Schaenmayer Denim in orange.

11)"February Lady Sweater": This is going to be really pretty, and I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on finishing it! (Estelle 100% silk tweed)

12)"Soxx Appeal socks": Just recently started. Bought the yarn on our trip to Seattle.

13)Striped sweater or vest, to be determined (no pattern), made with Schulana Super Cotton.

14)Blue Sky Alpacas cropped top "Eyelet Cardi" using Mission Falls cotton.

There may be more unfinished projects lurking in bags around the house, but I 'd hate to look like a procrastinator. haha.

Hopefully better pictures of Finished Objects will be forthcoming!