Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bulky Sweater Jacket

Pattern: Berrocco

Yarn: Landscapes (Lion Brand) held together with a dark brown sport-weight alpaca yarn my daughter bought at the yarn market in Bolivia.

Recipient: No one. Yuck.

Comments: I thought this was going to be cute, but it's too itchy for me, as well as too short. It is also unflattering, which may not actually be the sweater's fault, but my almost-50 year old body.

I am super annoyed, because I PAID a tailor to sew in the zipper for me, which I could have done myself (too lazy, too busy), and it draws up the front too much (which is part of the fit-problem). It is a double ended zipper, too, which allows it to be unzipped from the bottom or top. I had them put a ribbon facing arouind the seam which joined the neck and body, because it was an ugly, lumpy seam, and I thought it would help the itch factor. Moot point now, since I ain't gonna wear it!

What do I do with it now?

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